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Successful companies have the best people from around the world over!

STC Lawyers has more than 10 years experience with over 1000’s successful cases, STC Lawyers can assist you to bring the skilled worker you have been searching to grow your business. We work with forward thinking companies every day to ensure they have the employees they want.

There are several visa options that allow businesses to sponsor overseas workers to live and work in Australia.

Temporary Business Sponsorship (482 visa)

Temporary Work or 482 visa, allows businesses based either in Australia or overseas to sponsor employees for a temporary work visa lasting up to 4 years. Only certain occupations are eligible for 482 visas, and employees must be paid at the market rate.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

The Employer Nomination Scheme is a permanent visa, and requires the nominating employer to be operating in Australia. The employee needs to show a higher level of skill than for a 482 visa, but otherwise the criteria are broadly similar to the 482 visa.


Regional Sponsored Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS)

The RSMS visa requires a job offer in a regional area. The position needs to be approved by a Regional Certifying Body based in the regional area. The skill level criteria for an RSMS visa can be lower than for an ENS visa. The resulting RSMS visa is a permanent visa, but is subject to cancellation if the employee leaves employment within 2 years of obtaining the visa.


Labour Agreements

Labour agreements are individually negotiated between the employer and the Department of Immigration and can be used to sponsor employees on a larger scale.

Due to the complexity of the submissions and evidence required, labour agreements are only recommended where a large number of workers are to be sponsored.

Why STC Lawyers ?

STC Lawyers has been an active business partner helping Human Resources Managers and Business Owners to sponsor overseas skilled workers for over 10 years. We work with your management team closely to ensure your offshore sourced workforce live and work for your company in Australia in the most efficient way possible – saving time, reducing risk and all for a competitive rate.

 We engage with your company and management to clearly understand your business and Skilled Employment needs. STC Lawyers will provide Immigration advice at any time; we are only a phone call away.

We provide up-to-date information and the latest immigration news keeping you advised of any law changes which may affect your employee’s status for temporary or permanent residency.


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