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Changes for Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV)
On or after 18 November 2017 the following changes will occur to Partner and Prospective Marriage Visa (PMV) application arrangements:

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Newest update from Department of Immigration
Prior to 1st July, applicants who are paid above 180,000 guaranteed annual earnings can be exempt from English testing or skills assessment under subclass 186/187 visas for the employer sponsored pathways.

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Student Skilled Migration Occupational Analysis
Immigrants announced the occupation quota for the 2017-18 plan year. Accountants, software engineers and mechanical engineers nominations for these occupations are much higher than last year, and good news for students.

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188 Business Innovation and Investment
This successful case is for a client from Hong Kong. The immigration grant notice is provided within the article. Please don~t hesitate to contact us for further details about this case.
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188A Business Innovation Visa
Applicant needed advice with the relevant investment choices in Australia. As part of the visa requirement he needed to declare 5 million worth of asset but was unsure which assets to choose and how much to declare.
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457 Work Visa
Applicant was originally an Engineering Manager and recently received new title of General Manager. She could not meet 482 English requirements.
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