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188A Business Innovation Visa
post date:2017-12-28 | Post by:

Name: Mr B

Age: 40

Nationality: China,Guangdong

Company background: Machine Construction

Background: Bachelor degree in Business

Occupation: Managing Director & Shareholder


Problem 1: As part of the visa requirement he needed to declare 5 million worth of asset but was unsure which assets to choose and how much to declare.


Solution 1: Advised that immigration only examine the 5 million declared and the source of funds to make sure it is lawfully obtained and unencumbered. Assisted client to choose a combination of his real estate assets recently sold and his company revenue for the last 5 years which was safest/easiest to prove source of funds.


Problem 2: Applicant needed advice with the relevant investment choices in Australia.


Solution 2: Referred applicants to some reputable licensed fund managers in Australia, also advised that for the balanced portion (60%), government bonds may be the safest and easiest to manage.


Problem 3: Applicant has a second child that holds a Hong Kong passport, needed advice as to how to apply?


Solution 3: Advised that au DIBP does not look into the 1 child policy in China but if he likes, he can lodge the 2nd child as a subsequent entrant once the family’s visa is approved.

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