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457 Work Visa
post date:2017-12-28 | Post by:

Name: Mrs A

Age: over 50

Nationality: China, Liaoning

Company background: Mining Engineering

Background: Bachelor degree in Engineering

Occupation: Engineering Manager


Problem 1: Could not meet 457 English requirements

Solution 1: Lawyer's expert knowledge, there is an exemption to English requirement (a lot of people do NOT know this) if applicant is an intracompany transfer from parent company, advised applicant to provide sufficient ties/link to parent company in China.


Problem 2: Applicant was originally an Engineering Manager and recently received new title of General Manager.

Solution 2: Lawyer's advice was that you can only choose 1 position that is closest match to your role. In this case the previous Engineering Manager title was kept for a stronger application, and match to her background and qualifications and market salary conditions tied to the occupation.


Problem 3: Australian company structure downsized and currently only a 2-person company

Solution 3: Lawyer expertly addressed this issue by submitting a future business plan rather than a company organisational chart.

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